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Sklar Kirsh’s Corporate lawyers have the large firm expertise, practicality and dedication to successfully handle the most sophisticated corporate transactions.

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Ep 9: If You Build It, You Can Be It! | Robert Darwell

In this episode of The Practice of You™, Robert Darwell, Head of Global Media for Sheppard Mullin, gives us a behind the scenes look at his life as the Director and Producer of two award-winning documentary films, “Black Uniform” and “The 90s Club”. “Black Uniform” features 12 Black veterans who share their heartfelt perspectives on what it felt like to be on the proverbial front lines as a Black man or woman in the U.S. military. “The 90s Club” takes on ageism by showcasing the vibrant wisdom and life lessons of 12 diverse individuals between the ages of 90- to 99-years-old. “The 90s Club” is available on Amazon Prime and “Black Uniform” is coming soon on Amazon Prime.